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My future plans and commitments

Each of us dreams and makes plans for ourselves for the future. A person never tires of setting goals for himself. And each of us dreams of being a doctor, a businessman, an actor differently.

A life plan is a detailed description of decisions, intentions, hopes and dreams for your future. Writing a life plan can be a personal development program or just an activity that we start to improve our lives. Educational activities, career aspirations, recreational interests, marital life, children and end-of-life preferences are common topics that need to be taken into account in life. Each of us sets ourselves goals and plans. Someone chooses a career as a family. A person should always make their own plans and goals. For example, after graduating from the institute, I want to open a private school for children all over the world. I want my school to be number one. My school will teach teachers from different countries. I want to add ballet lessons, musical dances for children and adults will be held at my school


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